October 16, 2021

Top 10 Influencers Turned Curators

Luda - Seek Curator

Seek, a unique app launching in the Fall that lets users find trusted recommendations from local, like-minded curators, released its top ten Founding Curators today. Unlike any other platform out there, Seek connects consumer leisure influencers, or “curators” with consumers looking for trustworthy and relevant recommendations for where to eat, drink, and hang.

Consumers will now have access to the expertise of their favorite local influencers – an advisory board of in-the-know tastemakers across different niches – while curators will have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and eventually monetize through premium subscriptions.

“I always wanted to have an easy way to look up recommendations and inside tips for various things like bookstores, pop-ups, cocktail bars depending on the occasion from real life people in the know whom I trust,” said Seek CEO and Co-Founder, Shanna Liu. “I wanted to create an app to help people save time and have a good time. Seek is not a review platform. Rather, it’s a place where curators showcase their top and most interesting and useful recommendations.”

Influencers from all different niches have been eager to join, but only those who pass a vigorous interview process are given access to become curators on the platform. Seek has amassed hundreds of curators to date, and below is a list of the Top 10 Local NYC Curators on the Seek app:

1. Emily, Natalie, and Gillan: biggest food account in NYC

1 Mil followers (@new_fork_city)

2. Jarry Lee: model, actress

992k followers (@jarrylee)

3. Sam Horine: IG verified photographer

598k followers (@samhorine)

4. Natalia Levsina: Russian beauty, fashion, and travel

187k followers (@natalialevsina)

5. Luda Weigand: DJ, Model

180k followers (@luda_)

Luda- Seek Influencer

6. Zarina: fitness trainer

140k followers (@body_by_zarina)

7. Emily Thaw: Foodie, fashion, and jewelry business owner

106k followers (@emthaw)

8. Leah Harris: singer, songwriter, pianist and app developer

101k followers (@leahharrisofficial)

9. Summer Y.L.: Entrepreneur and Elon Musk’s moms’ friend

87.8k followers (@summer_y_l)

10. Chloe Jade: world traveler based in NYC

77.3k followers (@chlooooejade)

With combined millions of followers, these top curators are local to New York and have amazing recommendations for hot spots and hole-in-the-wall gems. Travelers, transports and long time New Yorkers alike will find new inspiration for an evening out or a fun event to attend. The app allows users to follow suggested curators or to explore top-rated profiles. With a premium subscription, consumers will have access to their favorite curators’ most exclusive recs and useful products such as personalized audio guides and in-person experiences.

To maintain the utmost quality, curators only have their top 15-20 recs for NYC listed on their profile. Each recommendation also has unique tags you don’t find anywhere else, such as “public bathroom available”, “attractive people”, “420 friendly,” making it easy to search for specific vibes and find new curators with similar interests. Each curator also lists their secret tips, such as best times to go, off the menu items, and little known histories.

To learn more and get early access to Seek’s fall consumer launch, visit seekrecs.com

About Seek

We are Seek, a content platform that connects tastemakers in the consumer leisure space with millions of consumers seeking trusted and relevant recommendations. Whether you seek travel, Covid-conscious spots, best places to go NYC, best parties NYC, best restaurants NYC, best rooftop bars NYC, or best rooftop brunch NYC, we have just what you need. Seek currently has thousands of recommendations from tastemakers around the world.

To learn more about Seek, visit seekrecs.com.

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