October 17, 2021

Seek’s Team- Diverse Group of Talent

Group photo of the Seek Recs team

Different Backgrounds Offer A Variety of Perspectives

Not only does Seek offer a broad range of recommendations, the talented team working behind the scenes consists of members from diverse backgrounds, ages and ethnicities. This was not by accident – Seek never wanted to simply talk the talk, rather, the Co-Founders Shanna Liu and Giff Carter wanted to back up the wide-range of recommendations and curators with a similarly diverse staff. Not only does this variety of experiences contribute to the core definition of the app’s offerings, but it also serves as an example to other companies that diversity is not only possible to achieve, but highly useful to establishing a strong business model.

Shanna, Seek’s CEO and former consultant at McKinsey as well as Giff, COO, have combined thirty plus years of experience in strategy, scaling and startup development.

Seek CEO Shanna Liu and Seek COO Giff Carter

Their most recent project together before starting Seek was at unicorn startup Stash, a personal finance app that simplifies investing, helping users build wealth and achieve their financial goals. At Stash, Shanna doubled subscribers, tripled ARPU and raised $300M in capital. Giff, formerly of Voya Financial, led Stash’s business and operations as the Chief Revenue Officer and was the General Manager building and launching the banking business.

In the marketing department, Nessira Randolph, a NYC native, holds the reins as Consumer Marketing Lead.

Nessira has over fifteen years of marketing, media and digital product development experience and specializes in mobile application launches and business development. She is an expert at creating brand identity, including out-of-home and web presence.

Helaina Ferraioli serves as Curator Marketing Lead, and works closely with Nessira to work with influencers turned curators.

Helaina previously led all social marketing for antiques store, Yesterday’s News, for which she grew Instagram followers by 8,000 in six months and brokered social media shoutouts from fans of the store.

Hans Zhou, Head of Engineering, is a ten year veteran of the tech industry.

He has experience scaling and growing companies in a very broad set of industries including food production, retail analytics, and affiliate marketing. He has also managed the brokerage and investors tech teams at fintech unicorn Stash, and was head of Sustained Engineering at healthtech unicorn Cedar Health.

Lead iOS engineer Daniel Brown is a passionate software developer with seven years of programming experience.

He’s developed two SaaS iOS mobile applications currently in the Apple App Store.

Julie Acevedo, Product Lead, has ten years of experience in product management, design, and data analysis at Fortune 500 companies.

Her passion for helping B2C startups with consumer psychology-driven design makes her a strong asset to the team.

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About Seek

We are Seek, a content platform that connects tastemakers in the consumer leisure space with millions of consumers seeking trusted and relevant recommendations. Whether you seek travel, Covid-conscious spots, best places to go NYC, best parties NYC, best restaurants NYC, best rooftop bars NYC, or best rooftop brunch NYC, we have just what you need. Seek currently has thousands of recommendations from tastemakers around the world.

To learn more about Seek, visit seekrecs.com.

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