October 18, 2021

Top 10 Most Unique Curators

Jarry Lee - Seek Curator

New App “Seek” Offers Local Recommendations

As you may have heard, Seek is a unique app launching in the Fall that lets users find trusted recommendations from local, like-minded curators.

Today, we’re announcing the top ten most unique curators on the app. Seek is a new platform unlike any other that connects consumer leisure influencers, or “curators”, with consumers looking for trustworthy and relevant recommendations for where to eat, drink, and hang. Consumers will now have access to the expertise of their favorite local influencers – an advisory board of in-the-know tastemakers across different niches – while curators will have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and eventually monetize through premium subscriptions.

“Seek has an option to play roulette and find a curator that might offer a recommendation that the user wouldn’t have otherwise found within their profile parameters. I wanted to create an app to help people find local spots, help influencers build their personal brands, and support local businesses at the same time. I’m so excited to share it with New York City and the rest of the world.”
Seek CEO and Co-Founder, Shanna Liu

Below is a list of the Top 10 Curators currently offering the most unique content on the Seek app:

1. Michaelangelo Misseri

3.7k followers (@steepreadrepeat)

Bookstagram with bookstore and good places to read recs.

2. Monica

1.9k followers (@travelthroughtea)

Tea and tea shop recs in NYC and abroad.

3. Sam Chao Williams

6.1k followers (@chaowilliams)

African American NYC event planner who spills the tea on NYC’s hottest happenings.

4. Jarry Lee

987k followers (@jarrylee)

Model, actor, and musician. She’s the former deputy editor of BuzzFeed, and is on Netflix’s Dating Around. Giving recs on nightlight hot spots.

5. Sam Horine

598k followers (@samhorine)

INCREDIBLY talented photographer who’s delved into NFT’s, travel, pizza, and even dog photography. Phenomenal recs on photo spots.

6. ZarinKimberlee

11.1k followers (@thatblondewino)

Snake Person wino who has the best wine recs, from budget to boujee and wine bar recs.

7. Ben Fink Shapiro

6.8k followers (@benfinkshapiro)

Celebrity photographer, long-time LES resident, and Hamptons resident (photo recs).

8. Tiffany Baira

11.6k followers (@tiffbaira)

NYC dating guru, podcast host, and author giving dating spot recs.

9. Nina Blumberg

22.7k followers (@artstagram_)

Art director who shares all of the newest art galleries.

10. Jillian Alvarez

3.7k followers (@ms.jillyjillz)

Biking mama from the Bronx giving Bronx and biking recs.

The cult-like followings of some of these lesser known influencers reminds those lucky enough to stumble upon their profile how the most interesting are often the most somewhat unknown. Seek app gives users the ability to find unique curators like these ten who offer intriguing views into new and exciting places that may just be right around the corner. Especially as people are working to find their place in the new normal, gaining access to insider information from favorite and up-and-coming curators is a perfect way to find and try something new that may lead to connections, relationships, jobs or other opportunities.

Sign up for early access to Seek at seekrecs.com.

About Seek

We are Seek, a content platform that connects tastemakers in the consumer leisure space with millions of consumers seeking trusted and relevant recommendations. Whether you seek travel, Covid-conscious spots, best places to go NYC, best parties NYC, best restaurants NYC, best rooftop bars NYC, or best rooftop brunch NYC, we have just what you need. Seek currently has thousands of recommendations from tastemakers around the world.

To learn more about Seek, visit seekrecs.com.

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