November 20, 2021

Curators Share Favorite Friendsgiving Spots

Friendsgiving NYC - Seek App

Seek, a social app that lets users find unique trusted recommendations from local, like-minded curators launched recently in the New York City Tri-state area, and today, Seek curators are sharing their recs for favorite “Friendsgiving” spots. Sometimes holidays are best spent with, well, friends.

Where should you go?

Seek curators say the following: 

Rec #1-The Odeon

145 W. Broadway

Rec by: @Estaworld

The Odeon- Best Restaurant NYC - Seek App

While at first glance this restaurant looks like a diner, I can assure it is anything but. With Thanksgiving specials all day long (11am-10pm to be exact), you can pretend that you are with your family without having to travel the interstate. Pickup dinners and delivery are also offered if you would like to hide out at home.

Rec #2 – Shuka Soho

38 MacDougal St.

Rec by: @doaalsaleh

Shuka Soho - Best Restaurants NYC - Seek App

If you are completely boycotting the day of Turkey (and let’s be honest- there are a few good reasons to do so), head to Shuka Soho (please check with the restaurant to make sure it is open.) The menu consists of traditional Eastern Mediterranean food and flavors like hummus, kabobs and shawarma.

Rec #3 – Central Park

Rec by: @Beansofnewyork

Central Park - Friendsgiving - Best Places NYC - Seek App

Covid safe option!

For those not ready to dine inside, taking a Thanksgiving feast to Central Park seems like a great alternative- weather permitting. Whether you cook a traditional meal first and bring it with you, or just do a simple picnic basket, you can socially distance yourself while watching the holiday tourists get lost in the park. Now that is something you can put a price on!

Whether you spend your day with friends or family, Happy Thanksgiving from us here at Seek! 

Want more fun recs like these? 

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