Top Martinis in the East Village, According to Seek

Nov 21, 2021 | Curators, Recommendations

Seek is a social app that lets users find trusted recommendations from local, like-minded curators.  We launched in the New York City Tri-state area recently, and, today, we are sharing the best martinis in the East Village.


Rec #1- BuaPickle Martini

122 Saint Marks Pl

Bua Bar NYC - Best Martinis - Seek App

Bua is one of those places where everyone can find something they want to drink. Cocktails are carefully crafted to the season and offer tastes from savory to sweet. They even have a pickle martini that seems to be a huge hit with locals and not so locals alike.


Rec #2- Drexler’s– Tres Leche Margarita

9 Avenue A

Drexlers NYC - Best Martinis - Seek App

The most creative cocktails award goes to Drexler’s. From the name to the combination of ingredients to the taste, these cocktails are all a must- try (we suggest not all in one night.) The tres leche margarita consists of malagro blanco and clarified milk punch. What is “milk punch?” We have no idea but I would like another, please.


Rec #3- Pineapple Club– What’s Up Doc?

509 E. 6th

Pineapple Club- Best Martinis NYC- Seek App

What’s Up Doc isn’t just for bugs bunny anymore.

This “timely-in-a-pandemic” martini consists of exactly what the doctor ordered: ginger, carrot, raisin syrup and cayenne pepper. An interesting combination that tastes wonderfully different and may even keep you out of the infirmary.

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