February 7, 2022

Best Bars for Finding Valentine’s Day Date

Best Bars for finding a date on Valentine's Day - Seek App

It’s cuffing season and despite the seemingly never ending pandemic we’re living through, we’re ready to show our vax card and find a date especially with Valentines Day creeping ever closer. We have a great list of spots that are perfect for doing just that. Whether you like to get down on the dance floor under the sparkle of a disco ball or cozy up in a warmly lit corner, tucked away with a new face and a fresh drink, Seek has options for you. 

Here’s the top spots, nightclubs and bars to find a date in time for Valentine’s Day, according to Seek:

1. Garfunkel’s

67 Clinton St 2nd floor, New York, NY 10002

Garfunkel's - Seek App

A mixology based cocktail bar, Garfunkles can entertain you as you sit at the bar watching the bartenders spend time mixing the perfect cocktail while you wait and hope the perfect person walks in the door to sweep you off your feet (or bar stool). A dark speakeasy type feel gives a cozy vibe, so there is always a chance to take the craft cocktail to a cozy corner for some late night cuddling. 

2. Black Flamingo

168 Borinquen Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Black Flamingo - Seek App

What better place to meet a love interest than a plant based taqueria and discotheque? We are particularly into the Jamaican Margarita and the Flamingo Bowl. Food on the top floor, and dance floor in the basement, that we hear is quite popular on the weekends. Definitely sounds like a place to lock eyes with someone from across the dance floor. 

3. Joyface

104 Loisaida Ave, New York, NY 10009

Joyce - Seek App

Joyface is as cool as its namesake. A nightclub that could not be any more, “east village trendy” you will definitely have to bring your A game in fit and attitude. The photos on social make you feel less than, but not in a mean way- in a, “I want to be these people” kind of way. Whether you see someone you like or you just stare at all the amazingly good-looking people for the night, you will be more cool just by walking in the door. If you’re let in.

Good luck out there and if you meet someone from one of our Recs in time for next year’s Valentines Day, let us know! We love a good love story!

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