May 27, 2022

Spending a Day in the Upper West Side

The Upper West Side sports all sorts of things to do, including museums, restaurants, storefronts, and landmarks. Whether you’re new to the city or an in-towner, finding new spots can be difficult. Check out these locations recommended by curators on Seek, an NYC-based recommendation app by known and expert locals. The below itinerary is based on recs by some of our top curators.

1. Orwashers Bakery

400 Amsterdam Ave, NY, 10024

Rec by: thek.n.m

Orwashers may be the ideal location to start your day off when it comes to the Upper West Side. This is one of New York City’s most classic and revered bakeries, for good reason. The pastries and breads are baked fresh every day, and their variety is off the charts. Croissants, cookies, roll cakes, and anything else you can imagine is complimented by their assortment of coffees and lemonades. They also have sandwiches and other more traditional breakfast items like bagels, sporting all sorts of varieties and toppings. You can also take entire loaves of bread home, whether it’s challah or focaccia.

2. Ella Social

249 Columbus Avenue, NY, 10023

Rec by: thecityessentials

Latin + Mediterranean flavors and cuisines make for an unforgettable dining experience at Ella Social. Serving meals at all times of day, there’s practically no bad time to go. Brunch through dinner all have all sorts of Mediterranean and Latin fare whether it be paellas, avocado tartines, or empanadas. Take all of those dishes and pair them with a cocktail or wine and you have a totally incredible dining experience! The decor is chic and modern, with dim lights and simple yet elegant decor. Ella Social is a must go – the only thing on you is to decide what time of day!

3. Shakespeare & Co.

2020 Broadway, NY, 10023

Rec by: thek.n.m

Shakespeare & Co. is a book lover’s paradise. You can find books about any and all topics in a spacious setting that sits right in the heart of the Upper West Side. There is even a cafe and seating area for those who want to read or work. They have staff favorites, merchandise, and lots of other amenities that turn a regular bookstore into an entire NYC experience. Check out their awesome split level storefront and grab something to read! Whether you’re into fiction, history, or anything in between, you’re covered here. 

4. Old John’s Luncheonette

148 W 67th St, NY 10023

Rec by: rebzdeladisco

Old John’s Luncheonette is a diner style restaurant that brings American classic dishes right to your table. Enjoy the traditional booths and massive menus with a ginormous selection of dishes and items to try out. Like Ella Social, you can come here for breakfast, lunch or dinner with many different options to choose from depending on which meal you’re having. Brunch mimosas or bellinis are only $10 each, so you can have an affordable boozy brunch. They serve dinner until 10:00 PM, which gives you essentially all day to try out Old John’s whenever you want! Grab steak frites in the morning, or perhaps some grilled salmon for dinner. Regardless, the friendly atmosphere and American diner fare makes for an elegant, yet classic dining experience.

5. The Consulate

519 Columbus Ave, NY 10024

Rec by: thek.n.m

The Consulate serves food from 10 AM to 11 PM practically every day of the week, but their brunch selection on weekends is particularly special, featuring dishes that are extremely hard if not impossible to find anywhere else. Order a burrata and prosciutto or salmon waffle if you’re feeling experimental, or go for their more traditional dishes like their consulate breakfast or eggs benedict. Their desserts also taste phenomenal, with creme brulee, tiramisu, or a shared chocolate lava cake as the options. One reason why the menu is so special is because it rotates monthly, thanks to their executive chef Alan Vargas who focuses on a specific region’s cuisine depending on the month. The interior features plants and light colored booths for a comfortable and chic dining experience.

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