June 15, 2022

Seek visits HighGarden NYC

The Cannabis scene in New York City is truly revolutionizing, especially when it comes to recreational settings and clubs. Seek was offered an exclusive invitation to HighGarden NYC, a fantastic event that promotes healthy consumption, community, and memories. We were given an exclusive tour and invitation to their Wednesday evening events by Jackie Conroy, a HighGarden Co-Founder. Formally known as The Cannawitch NYC, she is also one of our curators on our app specifically for the 420 related recs. Seek is a platform where experts share curated recommendations on restaurants, events, attractions, and everything in between.


HighGarden rents out restaurants to hold their events, which allows for a full kitchen to serve infused dishes out of. Upon entering the space, we were greeted by friendly faces and met The Cannawitch NYC, a HighGarden co-founder. HighGarden used a contemporary and chic restaurant space that felt very professional and quite similar to a club. The front of the restaurant had a few people engaging in conversation about the industry. The kitchen was also impressive, with full restaurant grade appliances and friendly staff. The end of my tour took me to the dining room, hidden from the outside world thanks to large curtains. Most of the action was taking place in there and the bar was full of people of all kinds enjoying their time together. The space had custom neon signs installed reading “HighGarden” and “Dabs” which helped set the atmosphere of the space. Everyone in the staff that we spoke to was friendly and knowledgeable.


At around 9:00 in the evening the entire dining room faced the stage and quieted down, eagerly waiting for local singers and poets to begin around an hour and a half of non-stop performances. Male and female poets alike spoke on topics around social issues, intimacy, and recreational consumption. Mixed in between the poets were musicians, some rapping, some singing. The diversity and differences in talent kept the show very fresh, keeping us and other patrons alike on our toes, ready for the next performance. The artists did original work and covers, to which we were thoroughly impressed. HighGarden collaborated with “Canni Spark the Mic” hosted by Melanie Melicious. She is a local artist and poet who arranged the performances. Combining a premium elevated experience with live performances was truly something special.


After we purchased an infused pizza, we went back to our seats at the bar and continued our conversation with The Cannawitch NYC who was able to perfectly explain any questions we had about the industry. That included the legality of selling alcohol. Since there are infused dishes at the event, HighGarden isn’t permitted to sell alcoholic beverages. What they did do though is sell affordable infused cocktails and other CBD infused sodas. We tried a delicious grapefruit CBD soda and their “Pineapple Express” cocktail which had a pineapple lemonade style flavor. Since the event was using an excellent restaurant space, their pizza dishes were created from scratch and baked on the spot. Not only did they have a pleasant dosage, they were delicious. We were able to watch the entire process and we could tell long before having a bite that it would definitely be tasty. HighGarden specifically hosts resident chefs for curated menus, and tonight’s menu was created by Chef for Higher.

HighGarden is truly for high quality connections between people and the community. This is an excellent venue for a group of friends or a date night. You can find HighGarden on our app Seek, along with tons of other exclusive recommendations by industry professionals and experts in their fields.

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